from Nau dos Corvos | Lado B | Anniversary Edition, released July 27, 2017
Ruben Monteiro | Electric Guitar, Saz Baglama, Bouzouki and Vocals
Raquel Monteiro | Violin and Vocals
Carla Costa | Flutes and Bagpipe
Christian Marr's | Bass
Hugo Gomes | Drums
Dinis Coelho | Percussions (Dahola, Darbouka, Frame Drum)



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Albaluna Torres Vedras, Portugal

Albaluna define their music through a mixture of sounds from all around the world. Mostly influenced by the medieval and traditional European music, Albaluna it is all about a journey through every music measure. The band is composed by 6 musicians from several musical areas which promote a fusion of sounds based on folk music. ... more

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